Michelin-starred chef Jeff Ramsey is clearly passionate
about creating delicious, technically exquisite food.


“Babe is about fun dining as opposed to fine dining. It’s about enjoying the spirit of sharing our signature ‘Japas’
(modern Japanese tapas) with your favourite people and stunning views of the city skyline. We want to create great food
that inspires the taste buds and a dining experience that evokes the senses.”
Jeff Ramsey

"Japas"Fun Dining

Babe is an amalgamation of Ramsey’s artful finesse for progressive modernist cuisine and the BE Group’s signature boutique sophistication (the purveyors of original concept eateries such as Ploy and Way Modern Chinois). Serving up Japanese-accented tapas, or “Japas” as Ramsey has coined, Babe will be focused on a unique ‘fun dining’ experience as opposed to the structured world of ‘fine dining’.

The menu at Babe offers an exquisite mix of flavors, textures and temperatures, promising an unparalleled multi-sensory dining experience. True to the tapas concept, the “Japas” menu at Babe is sharing-style, believing that social interaction enhances the overall dining pleasure.



Our approach to food is simple – honour the integrity of fresh produce and seasonal discoveries, and present them in a way that satiates the appetite with a lasting impression. Our menu is curated into sections – Umi (‘Sea’), Tochi (‘Land’) and Hamono (‘Plants’), paying homage to the source of ingredients and setting a foundation for our approach to cooking.


Babex Salmon & Trout

Hello Fans of good food and drink!

We are proud to announce a collaboration event with Salmon & Trout from Tokyo, Japan.

June 1st at 7:30PM and June 2nd at 6:30PM.

We will be hosting Chef Kan Morieda and his crew at Babe for two nights for a Tokyo Street food party style event the likes of which KL has never seen before!

Salmon & Trout is the critically acclaimed Tokyo restaurant that is described as “Tokyo Punk” cuisine with eclectic influences applied to high-quality locally sourced produce. Chef Morieda

Please join us as we eat the night away with 20 courses of small dishes served canape style over 2 hours, the very best of Salmon & Trout and Babe will be on display together with a unique and funky Japanese tunes playlist while guest bartender
Hiroyuki Toriyama creates amazing green tea and sake based elixirs

We worked with sake sommelier Yuta Yamazaki to curate an amazing beverage pairing to match with your food that includes 4 different drinks served in sequence to match the food course. The drink course features an unpasteurized (Nama) Sake, Molasses based Shochu Sour and Salmon and Trout’s very own Fish House Punch.

The price of admission is RM350++ that includes 20 courses of food,
served canape style (passed)

The drink flight of 4 (2 sakes, Shochu Sour and Fish House Punch) is RM 180++

This Tokyo Street Food Party is an event where we suggest to walk and mingle with your fellow foodies to talk and get to know each other a bit and have a good time.
We will pump the tunes loudly so bring your dancing shoes!
Seating is limited, but we will have enough for all the ladies!

There will be no admittance for those who do not wish to eat.
All participants must pay RM350++ for entry (includes 20 courses of food)